The C8 ZR1 Is Coming This Summer!

The C8 ZR1 Is Coming This Summer!

April 18, 2024 Off By Mike Vietro
C8 ZR1

C8 ZR1

Chevrolet has officially announced that the eagerly awaited Corvette ZR1 will make its debut this summer. Positioned as the apex predator of the eighth-generation, mid-engine C8 Corvette lineup, the ZR1 promises to be the ultimate track-focused variant.

Expected to be the third of four performance iterations of the C8 series, the 2025 ZR1 is anticipated to inherit the formidable flat-plane crank 5.5-liter engine from its predecessor, the Z06. However, the ZR1 will receive a significant boost with the addition of twin turbochargers, propelling the rear-wheel-drive track marvel to over 800 horsepower. Internally designated as the LT7, this turbocharged version of the Z06’s engine is poised to deliver exhilarating performance on the track.

Remaining true to its racing heritage, the ZR1 is slated to maintain its rear-wheel-drive configuration. With the twin turbochargers augmenting the power of the 5.5-liter LT7 engine, the 2025 ZR1 is projected to achieve blistering acceleration, potentially clocking sub-2.5 second 0-60 sprints with an estimated output of 850 horsepower and 825 pound-feet of torque. To harness this immense power, expect the ZR1 to be adorned with aerodynamic enhancements such as a prominent rear wing and front spoiler, ensuring maximum downforce during high-speed cornering.

While the exact pricing details have yet to be disclosed, enthusiasts can anticipate the new ZR1 to command a starting price north of $150,000, with additional options available to tailor the vehicle to individual preferences.

Following the introduction of the ZR1, the C8 Corvette is slated to receive a special Zora model. Named in honor of Corvette engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov, who played a pivotal role in shaping the Corvette’s legacy, this model is expected to combine cutting-edge electric motor technology with the LT7 turbocharged V8. Anticipated to boast 1,000 horsepower and a price tag around $200,000, the Zora aims to rival European hypercars and redefine the boundaries of performance for a fraction of the price.

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This Week’s Owner’s Corner

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Carpe D’s C8

In the early 80s and into the 90s I started to visit San Diego quite a bit for work from Calgary Canada. I enjoyed flying on a Sunday to not be rushed in my meetings and the morning flights with Air Canada were spectacular in every way. I would therefore not fly to San Diego, but to LAX and enjoy a leisurely drive down the coast stopping at interesting places. One day I passed the Corvette Mike sign and made my first stop there. I was astonished to see so many beautiful classic Vettes that had once embellished my garage. I mused that I should buy one and when I got home I realized that I could have bought one and driven it home and made good money selling it in Canada. On all my future trips I stopped there to browse having the same musings. Being a family man an extra few days of trip time and holidays lost to make a few bucks was not enough to make me move.

Now at 74 years old and retired for 20 years I know that I missed out on one of what should have been one of the most notable adventures of my life. I will always regret that. I loved watching Corvette Mike develop such a great business over the subsequent years.

My only import from LA was a motorhome while in retirement and it was so easy it only added to my regrets.  I will never forget nor regret all my visits to Corvette Mikes to admire and dream. I think any one of them would have pleased me as much or more than my current C8 which I tell all my friends I would gladly trade straight across for one good C2.

Thanks for the memories Corvette Mike.

Carpe D.

This Weeks Specials

1969 L71 Coupe

Frame off restored. Ultra rare automatic!

Cortez Silver w/Black Interior, L71
427/435hp, Automatic

The absolutely stunning Cortez Silver example presented here is one very rare and unique ’69! What makes it so, is the Turbo 400 3-speed automatic transmission backing up the L71 427ci big block under the hood!

One of only 255 427/435’s delivered in 1969 with an automatic transmission, this numbers matching big-block Corvette has benefitted from a complete, nut and bolt, frame-off restoration by renowned Corvette specialist Jeff Reade at American Motoring Memories. The car not only looks beautiful, but it drives like a “new ’69”. It starts up easily, idles steady with that familiar lope, and will definitely push you back in the seat when the accelerator is pressed down!

Documentation includes, extensive photos of the restoration, reciepts, owner’s kit, spare keys, and more!

And if that’s not enough to get the blood pumping, this particular Corvette just so happens to
have its original, C.C.A.S. Certified L71 engine still residing under its hood.

Call for Best Price: 714-630-0700

1961 with 350ci ZZ6, 4-speed
Recently completed mechanical restoration!

Roman Red w/Red Interior, 350ci ZZ6, 4-Speed

This very sharp ’61 started out its life as a Jewel Blue factory fuelie. But its previous owner was looking for something a bit more user friendly to drive around in, so it was decided to replace the F.I. engine with a GM ZZ6 hi performance crate engine. He also wanted to change the color combination to Roman Red w/Red interior. So that’s what was done! The work was completed within the last six months. The result is a beautiful and dependable ’61 that has excellent performance to match!

P.S. The original engine and fuel injection system are included with the sale for those who may ever consider returning the car to its original condition!  Also included is a freshly painted hardtop to match the new black soft top, as well as the original brakes, headers, “yellow” collector California license plates and an assortment of additional hubcaps, and even an additional Wonder Bar radio!

Priced to Sell: $114,900

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