Production Date Has Been Set in Stone

Production Date Has Been Set in Stone

September 15, 2022 Off By Mike Vietro

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2023 C8 Z06 Production Date
Has Been Set in Stone

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The new 2023 C8 Z06 has been delivered to just a few YouTube influencers, but for us regular folks, the wait is almost over.
The official production date is September 19th!
Even though it is great news that the new Z06 will start getting built and delivered to customers, the number built will be very low for 2023. GM has already announced constraints due to supplier shortages, plant closures, and that only 10% of the C8’s built on the assembly line will be Z06’s.
GM has closed the order books for the 2023 Z06. If your order has not been accepted by GM, your order will most likely be pushed into 2024 or to an even later model year. It is possible GM may reopen the order books, but it is unlikely considering that the 2024 model year is just around the corner.
GM decided to allocate new units of the Z06 to dealers using a historic sales volume model based on 2020, 2021, and 2022 Corvette Stingray 3LT sales volume. This means that dealers who sold the most C8 LT3 trims will have priority on Z06 order allocation.

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This Weeks Owners’ Corner

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Roger & Carol D.’s 1972 Ontario Orange & 2007 Velocity Yellow

After over five decades of motorcycle riding, I woke up one morning in 2019 and “knew it was time…” time to give up a hobby that had given me so much enjoyment. I had ridden through much of the Southwest early on and then later, after moving to the Northeast, my wife, Carol, and I rode together every chance we could get. During four decades we covered much of Northern New England on our Harley, but now it was time to change. Why? The wisdom that comes with growing older: Bad roads, bad drivers, bad reflexes. It was time to sell my bike before I had my first accident. But what could take its place? For me, the answer was easy. I bought my first Corvette—a sunflower yellow coupe—in the spring of 1970 and loved it for the ten years and about 100,000 miles that I had it. At the risk of being accused of a mid-life crisis—mid-life, after all, is long in the rear-view mirror—I decided on another C3. Carol thought this was a great idea. A Corvette has at least two things a motorcycle doesn’t: heat and a waterproof top. Oh, and in a Corvette she could see more than just the back of my head and the sides of the road. It didn’t take us long to find the perfect “new” ride, and it was right here in Maine: an Ontario Orange C3 coupe with only 46,000 miles on the clock. After going to check it out and finding it in excellent condition, we made the commitment and gave the dealer a deposit. A week or so later, when it came time to take delivery, my wife and I and our then-3-year-old granddaughter drove the 2½ hours south. As the dealer rolled the car around to the front of his shop, our granddaughter—who really liked baby food, especially those sweet potatoes concoctions that come in a plastic pouch—exclaimed, “Sweet Potato.” And the name stuck.

Then in 2021, thanks to COVID we realized we had to abandon plans for a long hoped-for trip in 2022 to celebrate several major life milestones. But what would be a suitable alternate “reward”? We quickly decided on a second Corvette. This time it would be something a bit newer than Sweet Potato but still not one that would break the bank. We found a pristine C6, a 2007 convertible in Velocity Yellow at Corvette Mike. This one was an automatic with an odometer showing only 15,000 miles; it would be a perfect mate to Sweet Potato. Again thanks to COVID concerns, we did the round-trip from Downeast Maine to Carver, MA in a single day to check the car out. It was just what we wanted. So we gave Mike a check and arranged for him to deliver it—driving an unfamiliar car in Boston traffic just wasn’t something we looked forward to! The car arrived very early one December morning and our granddaughter, then almost six, was on-hand to witness the delivery. As it rolled out of the trailer she commented that it, too, needed a name. And again, she came to the rescue: Sunshine! And that name stuck, too.

Here in Downeast Maine both cars spend five to six months each year “in bed for the winter” in our barn. Car covers, a couple of electronic rodent chasers, and a few sticky pad traps keep the critters away. But come nice weather, we let our cruising destination play a major role in which car to take. For short trips (up to about 125 miles one way) we often take the C3, and anything longer certainly means the C6 is the choice. And seldom does a week go by that one or both isn’t out for a spin.

Roger & Carol D.


1990 ZR-1
Only 1,800 miles and pristine throughout!

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Black with Red interior, LT-5 350/375hp Twin Cam V8, 6-speed manual

The ’90 ZR-1 highlighted here is a Black exterior/Red interior example with only 1,800 original miles! It came from a collector client who meticulously maintained the Corvette until we acquired it! We’re excited to offer this time capsule for sale!

Special Price: $49,990

2019 ZR1’s Wanted!
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We are looking for 2019 ZR1’s.
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2019 ZR1’s Wanted!

If you have a 2019 ZR1, We have Cash!

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We are looking for 2019 ZR1’s.
If you have one you want to sell, let us know as we have cash!

Email me to talk about any cars you want to sell: Troy@CorvetteMike.Com!

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1957 Dual-Ghia Convertible
No Reserve: Chevrolet Corvette C2 Removable Hardtop

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