Peter Max 36 Corvettes to sell at Raffle

Peter Max 36 Corvettes to sell at Raffle

December 26, 2019 Off By Mike Vietro

Peter Max Corvette Collection

About a year ago we told you about a set of Corvettes that were from a contest VH1 did back in 1989. The winner of the contest sold the cars to Peter Max, who was going to use them in an art project. The cars ended up languishing in a single New York Metropolis parking storage instead.

The collection included 36 Corvettes; one from every year starting in 1953 until 1989.

The current owners, a group called Corvette Heroes, have restored each of the Corvettes and are going to raise money for the National Guard Educational Foundation by raffling the cars off. There will be two drawings to pick the winners. First, 36 tickets will be chosen at random to form a group of winners. Then another drawing will decide which winner gets which Corvette.

Raffle tickets start at $3 for one, five tickets are $10 and 20 tickets go for $25. There are also discounts if you want to buy more up to 7,200 tickets for $5,000!.

Just in
C8 Nurburgring Lap Time rumor

There is a new rumor about the C8 rounding the Nurburgring. The time they are stating is 7:28.30. In comparison, Z51 C7 set a time of 7:33, so the new car is considerably faster if these rumors are true. We at Corvette Mike have questions about this time though. Even though it is faster than the C7 with the same configuration, we’re just not convinced this 7:28.30 is the number.

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Featured Car of the Week: 1955 V8 Corvette Roadster

1955 Corvette Roadster

What Mike likes about this car:
“1955 a very significant year indeed. For several reasons, Disneyland opened in Anaheim CA. The first V8 was put into a Corvette and a kid with the name of Mike Vietro (pronounced V8Tro) was born.

Little did he know that Monday evening at 8:47 PM on the 28th of March 1955 his last name would be synonymous with the famous V8 engine Chevy would be known for. Well, that’s not all I like about the 1955 Corvette, that early roadster without roll-up windows, with the wire mesh covered headlight, has always been such a clean design. Smooth, sleek and sexy. This is the early, raw design of a great American Classic. Here we are 65 years later with a very limited number of V8 Corvettes left out of the 700 built. These museum pieces will always be sought after and enjoyed for many more years to come. This is a turn-key cruiser, sorted and judged for your immediate enjoyment. Start the New Year off right, get behind the wheel of this car before its gone. And it will be gone. Happy New Year to all. And a healthy one as well.
Corvette Mike V8tro.”

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Happy Throttling!

Apex • Exit • Accelerate!!

1955 Corvette Roadster int

This 1955 Chevrolet Corvette was fully restored in 2006 and holds the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) highest qualification of Top Flight, placing it in the top 3% of judged Corvettes.

 1955 Corvette Roadster trunk

This 40k-mile example comes from the first year of V8 power for the Corvette and is still equipped with its numbers-matching engine backed by a Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission!

1955 Corvette Roadster engDocumentation of its judged performance at the 2006 Quartz Hill event in California is included and shows a score of 4,363 out of 4,510. The 265ci V8 was recently rebuilt and is fitted with correctly date-coded manifolds. This well-documented Corvette has only been driven about 500 miles in the decade since the restoration was completed.

Priced at: $127,900 OBO
Trades maybe?
Financing yes!!!
Thrill rides no!!!

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Corvette from the Inside

Corvette From The Inside
Signed by Author
Dave McLellan
Corvette Chief Engineer 1975-1992
Price: $25!
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corvette parts

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Holley Carburetor 1969 Corvette

1969 L88 Holley 4bbl carburetor – Completely rebuilt (by Jerry Luck) and ready to install. 3955205 R4296 932. Price: $4,500 $3,500.

Corvette News

Complete Corvette News Collection from Volume 1 Issue 1. Starting in 1958.

corvette factory cylinder heads

One pair of factory aluminum cylinder heads for big-block Chevy. Pt.#3919842. These heads were original equipment on ’68 & ’69 L88 and L89 engines. Both heads in excellent condition. $4,500 $3,900 for the pair.

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