C8 Demand Still High and Not Slowing Down Soon

C8 Demand Still High and Not Slowing Down Soon

March 7, 2021 Off By Mike Vietro

Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday | Volume 8-25 • February 25, 2021


It has been about a year now since the first C8 Corvette got delivered to its lucky owner, and the demand is just as strong today as it was back then. In normal times, the waiting list would be down to weeks, not over a year, and dealer markups would be a thing of the past.

But these are not normal times. At first, it was the month-long strike at the factory that cased a delay in the launch of the C8. Then just as the factory started producing, Covid hit shutting the plant down for another 7 weeks. Since then, the production was stopped even more times because of supplier issues. Because of these issues, the 2020 C8 Corvette only was able to produce a little over 20k cars.

But the 2021 model year would surely put all these problem in the past and start cranking our more cars for people to enjoy. Well, that was not to be either. The 2021 model has had its share of vender shortages, then a chip shortage, and now a weather shutdown, and we are only 3 months into the production cycle.

As I said, these are not normal times, and the C8 is not a normal New Corvette. As such, people are still waiting a year or more to order and get the C8 Corvette of their dreams. So as the rule goes, high demand and short supply equals a sellers’ market. And don’t think this is going away anytime soon, as the Z06 is going to come out soon and already has a high demand. As the Z06 is built on the same line as the base C8, for every Z06 made there is one less base model built.

And then you have the Right-Hand Drive C8. This will open up a whole new market for the C8. Again, these are made on the same line, so for every RHD made, there is one less Base or Z06 for the LHD market yet reducing the availability for the US market even more. As GM has bigger profit margins overseas, than they do in the US, don’t think GM will hold back satisfying the RHD market.

Yet One More Stoppage

The Detroit News learned that Bowling Green will go offline for a week from March 1st to March 5th. “Our supply chain, manufacturing, and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production, and we expect the plant to resume normal operations on Monday, March 8th,” declared GM spokesman David Barnas. This time it is because of Transmission Supply Issues.

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We are looking for C2’s

1967 Maroon or Red 327 Convertible
Any year C2 coupe with 327 and any transmission.

Also want low mile
2015-2019 Z06 Coupe
2010-2019 Grand Sport Coupe
2019 Black ZR1 Coupe

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Inbound Now!

2001 BMW Z8 Roadster

1 of only 2,543 produced for North America!

2001 bmw roadster

This stunning Z8 is coming out of a private collection and is in absolutely pristine condition throughout, having traveled only slightly over 7k miles since new!

2001 bmw roadster interior

The car is finished in Jet Black with a Red/Black interior, and features the
highly desirable 6-speed manual.

Priced at: $215,000

Weekly Special

2015 Corvette Z06 Coupe

Only 4,070 Miles!

2015 Red Corvette Z06 0677 2


What Mike Likes about this Corvette:

“Phrases that I use to describe cars as Bitchin as this Z06:

Bad to the bone!  Tree stump puller!  Meaner than a junkyard dog! 

0-60, where’d he go!! Badass! Stealth! Rip the tires off the rims!  

If you park it and don’t turn around to look at it, you bought the wrong car!!

Faster, Faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.

As Queen so aptly put it  . . . I’m in love with my car!

The cars we drive say a lot about us.

I feel the need… the need for speed.

Drive it like you stole it.”

Corvette Mike V8tro / CM V8tro

Check out our great financing options.  
Happy Throttling!
Apex • Exit • Accelerate!!

2015 Red Corvette Z06 0695 1

This awesome ZO6 is one of the sharpest we’ve had in stock!  It’s a loaded 3LZ and has just about every available option, including Carbon Fiber roof panel, chrome wheels and much more!
2015 Red Corvette Z06 0713 1

Torch Red with Jet Black interior, 376/650hp, 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transaxle.
And it’s barely broken in with only 4,070 miles on the odometer!

Special priced at: $67,900

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Trades maybe?
Financing yes!!!
Thrill rides no!!!

Corvette from the inside

Corvette From The Inside
Signed by Author
Dave McLellan
Corvette Chief Engineer 1975-1992
Price: $25!
Other books and artwork available.

Wheels 2

Real Kelsey Hayes Knock offs and Bolt-Ons for sale.
Tires, repro wheels, and caps.
Call for pricing.


Guinness World Record for of Chevrolet Memorabilia
Being sold by blind auction.

There are so many items in the Corvette-themed collection that he changed the way Guinness World Records classifies car collecting. Anyone can go on a giant shopping spree and buy a bunch of cars, Mallon said. Eventually Guinness created a new category for “Corvette items,” and in 2012, Charles was awarded the world record.
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Discounted Parts Table Items

Pictures Available Upon Request.

  • 1956-1962 Corvette Hardtops – Priced from $4,888.
  • 1963-1967 Corvette Hardtops – Priced from $2,000.
  • 1968-1975 Used convertible top assembly. Good condition.

Corvette Fuel Injection 1957 parts

1969 L88 Holley 4bbl carburetor – Completely rebuilt (by Jerry Luck) and ready to install. 3955205 R4296 932. Price: $4,500 $3,500.


bring a trailer 1

1965 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible L76 327/365 4-Speed

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Cars on eBay at Auction Pricing

1962 Ford Thunderbird M-Code Landau Hardtop
1965 Goldwood Yellow Corvette Convertible L76 327/365hp
1965 Rally Red Corvette Convertible L78 396/425hp, 4-speed
2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition Convertible 3LT
2018 Audi Q7 Quattro Prestige SUV. Loaded with only 36k miles!

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